In today’s digital world, it isn’t very often that we have to hand write a note or a message, but when you do put pen to paper, you may notice that your handwriting is sloppy and hard to read.

Most people don’t worry about their handwriting because they do not think it means much. In reality, your handwriting actually says a lot about you.

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Hard to read writing can mean many things. Sometimes it simply means the author was in a rush and didn’t have time to write deliberately and logically. More consistent handwriting that is hard to read may mean that the writer’s hand was unable to coordinate between rhythm and form.

In this case, you will notice several inconsistencies across different parts of the writing: size, loops, shapes, and slanting. These inconsistencies vary in terms of rhythm, size, form and pressure.

The size of your handwriting is one of the first things that is noticed. It can reveal quite a bit about your personality. Size does not necessarily dictate whether your writing is neat or sloppy.

Some writing that is small may be very precise and exquisitely formed making it easy to read while on the other hand, someone else could have very small penmanship that is compacted and so jumbled that it is impossible to read.

On the other side of the spectrum, large handwriting isn’t always easy to read either. Again, if the writing is precise and formed correctly, it will be easily legible, but if the writing is jarred and inconsistent, no matter how big it is, it will be hard to decipher.

Whether it’s legible or not, size can give some insight into the person who did the writing as it is often thought to relate to how a person interacts with others. Small handwriting is usually representative of people who are shy or withdrawn. A larger font indicates someone who is very social and enjoys interacting with others.

The loops in your writing can also be quite revealing.  Handwriting analysts look at wide loops and narrow loops in cursive letters like the lower case “l” and “e”. These loops are thought to be representative of one’s nature.

Wide loops mean that someone is relaxed, easy going and spontaneous as well as open minded. Narrow loops signify that someone may be tense, sheltered, skeptical, and restricted.

To learn even more about what your handwriting says about you, the next step is to look at the shape of your letters. This shows various aspects of your character. People with very round letters are usually quite artistic. Writing with sharp angles and edges indicates intelligence and inquisitiveness, but also aggressiveness.

Slanting is usually the part that people with sloppy writing have the most trouble with. Neat handwriting is usually slanted to the right, although some neat handwriting has no slant at all. Those with sloppy handwriting generally alternate between no slant, right slant, and a left slant.

If the writing does not have a slant it usually coincides with someone who stands tall and has good posture. Writing that slants to the right indicates an open-mindedness.

Writing that slants to the left usually belongs to those who are more introverted. And if your handwriting is a mix of slants and no slant, then it just might mean you’ve got a little bit of a mix of these traits.

Getting into more detail, you can also look at how you dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s”. A dot high over the “i” means that you have a great imagination but dotted lower could mean you are more detail oriented and organized. A dot to the left shows a tendency to procrastinate, while a circle instead of a dot shows childish traits.

A “t” crossed at the very top means you are ambitious and optimistic with good self-esteem, while lower shows confidence. A long cross means you are determined but a short cross means you tend to be lazy.

As you can see, generalizing your handwriting as neat or sloppy doesn’t mean much. If you have messy, illegible handwriting, maybe you have a cluttered mind or maybe you just don’t care about how other people perceive you. The true nature of your character is hidden in the details of your writing.

Our Top Pick For Improving Your Handwriting

It's easy to have perfect, legible and beautiful handwriting!

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