You may not realize it but your handwriting says a lot about you. Handwriting analysts look at your writing style and can determine certain attributes that you may possess.

This practice is sometimes referred to as graphology and is the science of producing a personality profile based on the subject’s handwriting characteristics, traits, and strokes.

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One of the first things a graphologist may look at when analyzing your writing is its slant. If you slant to the right you are open to the world around you and enjoy the company of other people.

A slant to the left shows that you are independent and prefer to work alone. It could also be an expression of rebellion. No slant in your writing? That indicates a logical and practical personality with guarded emotions.

The size of your handwriting is also quite revealing. Whether it’s readable or not, size can give some insight into the person who did the writing as it is often thought to relate to how a person interacts with others.

Some writing that is small may be very precise and exquisitely formed making it easy to read while on the other hand, someone else could have very small penmanship that is compacted and jumbled that is impossible to read. Small handwriting is usually representative of people who are shy or withdrawn.

If you have small writing you tend to be focused and can concentrate easily. Large handwriting can also vary between neat and illegible. A larger font indicates someone who is very social and enjoys interacting with others. People with larger handwriting are often well-adjusted and adaptable.

Handwriting analysts look at loops to determine spontaneity and open-mindedness. They examine the loops in cursive letters like the lower case “i” and “e”.

Wide, full loops mean that someone is relaxed, easy going and spontaneous as well as open minded. Narrow loops signify that someone may be tense, sheltered, skeptical, and restricted.

The lowercase, cursive “s” is thought to be representative of one’s nature. If it’s round, you are a people-pleaser who seeks compromise to avoid confrontation. A  pointy “s” shows that you are intellectually probing and like to study new things. The higher and pointier the peaks, the more ambitious you are.

If your “s” is open at the bottom, you might not be following your heart. For example, you always wanted to be a writer, but you have a career in business. If you write your “s” in manuscript form, it is a sign of versatility.

Getting into more detail, you can also look at how you dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s”. A dot high over the “i” means that you have a great imagination but dotted lower could mean you are more detail oriented and organized.

A dot to the left shows a tendency to procrastinate, while a circle instead of a dot shows childish traits. A “t” crossed at the very top means you are ambitious and optimistic with good self-esteem, while lower shows confidence. A long cross means you are determined but a short cross means you tend to be lazy.

Even the pressure of your writing can be telling. Placing heavy pressure on the pen when you write, causes darker, thicker handwriting and shows you are good with commitment and that you take things seriously. Writers with a lighter touch tend to be empathetic and sensitive but lack vitality.

Handwriting with heavy pressure is also a sign of high energy levels, whereas light pressure is a sign of tiredness.

Some handwriting analysts claim that they can find indications of a person’s health in handwriting.  Dark, heavy writing could signal that someone has high blood pressure.

Schizophrenics tend to have writing that switches direction in the way that it slants, between left and right, showing that they are out of touch with reality. Even Parkinson’s Disease is noted with the symptom of very small cramped handwriting, known as micrographia.

Your handwriting can give away clues for over 5,000 different personality traits based on the way you space your letters, how you sign your name, and even how you connect the letter ‘o’ and ‘s’ to other letters in a word.

Understanding your personality through handwriting is a valuable way of learning your personality traits in an unbiased manner and can be used to help you live a better life.

Our Top Pick For Improving Your Handwriting

It's easy to have perfect, legible and beautiful handwriting!

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