Despite the fact that more and more people are using email, text, and word processing programs for communications, there are still times when you must write by hand such as thank you cards, applications, college essays, and so much more.

Creating your own unique type of handwriting can help to bring attention to yourself, and make an impression on others. Sure, you learned the basics of handwriting in elementary school, but keep reading for some suggestions on how to create your own unique style.

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What statement do you want to make?

You first must determine the statement that you wish to make with your handwriting.

Even those who have never taken the time to learn about handwriting analysis are going to make a judgement on you based on your handwriting. Think about what it is that you want others to think about you when they see what you have written.

What is your handwriting currently saying?

Grab a sheet of paper and write out a few lines of text. This can be a favorite poem, song, or even the Gettysburg Address, it doesn’t matter. You need to make sure you are using a good gel pen or ballpoint pen for this. The point is for your writing to smoothly move across the page.

Now, take a look at what you have written and determine your style. You can find this out by reading more on Master Handwriting, and checking out a few articles on handwriting analysis.

Making changes to your handwriting

At this point, you need to figure out how much you’d like to change. You must keep in mind that re-learning a handwriting style is going to take lots of time, effort, and plenty of practice.

Therefore, if you’re not willing to invest much, you may want to make a few smaller changes such as only making alterations to a few letters, or simply making your handwriting easier to read.

If you do want to make big changes, take a course such as Master Handwriting. You’ll learn all you need to in order to do a complete turn-around of your handwriting.

Work on capital letters

You should start with the capital letters. You’ve most likely seen books where the first letter of a chapter is impressive and ornate—right? You can make your handwriting more distinct by adding some flourish and personality to your capital letters, especially your signature.

Now, take a sheet of college-rule notebook paper and write out all of the capital letters. The reason for college-rule is that you can use one space for your lowercase letters and two for your capital letters. This helps you to work on the sizing of your letters. You can create uniformity by adapting the letters in very similar ways.

Then, use the rest of the space to do some experimentation. Add some extra flourishes, or go in the opposite direction and make them streamlined. The point is to create uniformity, and once you have created a pattern, you should make it your own. This way, it will make it easy on the eyes of your reader, and make it easier for you to get adjusted to it.

Avoid extremes

Whatever you do, avoid extremes. The whole reason behind writing is to communicate your ideas, so you want to make sure that others can still read it, even if they are not familiar with your style.

Work on lowercase letters

Once you have created a style for your capital letters, you may also want to consider creating one for your lowercase letters as well. You can streamline them by making the tail of a letter that drops below the line straight. On the other hand, you can make these fancier by creating large, bold loops.

Crossing your “T’s”

Changing the way you cross your t’s is another great way to make your handwriting stand out from the crowd. A line that is short and simple keeps your writing neat and clean. A longer line or flourishes make a much more eccentric statement.

Think about your angle

The angle, or the lack thereof, of your writing can also make a statement. Try writing at a variety of angles. You may see that some angles will make your writing more legible. On the other hand, if you write straight up, it allows for a much more rounded letter and extreme angles lead to narrow, smaller handwriting.

Think about your size

Finally, keep in mind that size really does matter. When you’re filling out an application for a technical job, you are going to want to make sure your handwriting is neat and precise, and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a career in the arts or fashion industries, you may want a unique, large, elegant handwriting. If you want to get a position in leadership, you should have a bold, large signature.

Of course, no matter what you decide to do with your handwriting, you want to make sure that you get plenty of practice, because it’s true, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Our Top Pick For Improving Your Handwriting

It's easy to have perfect, legible and beautiful handwriting!

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