Typically, good handwriting skills are taught during childhood. However, with the invention and popularity of technology, many adults are losing their ability to write legibly and, as a result, end up developing handwriting that is quite sloppy.

In addition, any bad habits that were developed during childhood have become ingrained, and are much more difficult to break.

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The truth is that you are not going to be able to deliver every message via computer. There are some circumstances where you will need to prepare a handwritten note.

Therefore, it is critical that adults take the time to learn some handwriting exercises, such as those found in Master Handwriting, so that they can learn how to properly hold their writing instrument, and therefore, write legibly.

Then, they will be able to create professional looking documents, even when they are entirely handwritten. Even a simple signature, especially in a business setting, needs to be professional and neat.

One of the quickest ways to improve handwriting is by using worksheets meant for this purpose. These are much like those for children who are just learning to write. You simply trace over the words. Once you are able to do this neatly, you can start writing them on your own.

Make sure that you keep these in a binder or notebook so that you can track your progress and really see your improvement. The following are a few handwriting exercises for adults.

Letter repetition

Some adults tend to have difficulty with specific letters. Therefore, one wonderful exercise is known as letter repetition. To do this exercise, you simply start at the beginning of the alphabet and write and uppercase A and then a lowercase a several times.

Then, move to the next letter, and write an uppercase B and a lowercase b. Don’t move to the next letter until you feel like you have mastered the letter you are working on. This gives you the opportunity write all of the letters of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase. This way, you can focus on those that are giving you the most problems.

Speed writing

The next handwriting exercise for adults is speed writing. Many times, when an individual is writing slowly, taking their time—they are able to write legibly. However, when they need to write something quickly, it becomes quite illegible.

In this exercise, you will choose a sentence and write it as quickly as possible, and keep writing it until it becomes legible. Eventually, you will reach a point where you can write quickly when you need to, such as taking a message on the phone, or jotting down directions.

This is a great way to practice, especially for careers that require you to write quickly such as secretaries, receptionists, or even doctors. Then again, have you ever really seen neat handwriting from a doctor?

Word spacing

Another very common issue for adults when it comes to handwriting is spacing of their words. When you place your words too close together, it makes it hard to read. Choose an activity that helps you to learn to space out your words.

Simply write out a paragraph, making sure to concentrate on the spacing between words. You may want to try placing your finger after each word or use a ruler to make sure the spaces are even until you are comfortably able to write without using aids.

At some point, you will start to notice that your words are standing out individually from one another, and are much easier to read.

Use pens

When it comes to handwriting exercises for adults, you need to use a pen instead of a pencil. After all, using the various writing instruments is a slightly different skill and adults typically are more likely to use pens, especially in a business setting.

You will find that some pens are easier to use than others, so try out a variety of different ones and figure out which one is easier to use and create penmanship that is legible. Due to the fact that fountain pens cause you to be careful to avoid making a mess, they will typically psychologically force you to write neatly.

Basically, in order for adults to improve their handwriting, they must be willing to devote the time and effort necessary. You must be willing to put in plenty of practice, and you  must want to.

As you can see, there are a variety of handwriting exercises you can do to improve your handwriting, in addition to resources such as Master Handwriting.

Our Top Pick For Improving Your Handwriting

It's easy to have perfect, legible and beautiful handwriting!

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